Mason Gray: I practice Lean Six Sigma for you, for our community, Lean and Six Sigma obviously has its benefits, like I said, when those benefits are applied and understanded to create sustainability for communities in need, that is truly why I do what I do. You know, being an entrepreneur, it is you have to have that spirit and you have to have the grit to always be working and finding solutions and trying to find new ways to help people and I realized that Lean Six Sigma was a great catalyst to help people. When you are able to give people their time back, they are able to do things they want their time. When you are able to get employee morale up, they are able to have smooth workdays. There are many benefits all around with Lean and Six Sigma, so eliminating waste in someone’s day is not only something that can be applied at work, but it can be applied at home. And reducing variation helps people have reliability. Those two things, simplicity of lean and reliability of Six Sigma creates a very, very happy environment. And I want to share that. So, when I learned about Lean Six Sigma and start applying it in my own life, you know, that light bulb went off, that Eureka moment. And I said, you know what? Being able to share this with other people, that is going to make a big difference. So that is why I do this.

Lin Nelson: I practice Lean Six Sigma for one simple reason, and that is I love helping others. By being a consultant for Lean Six Sigma, I get to go in and work with any organization and the people in that organization to optimize their business. And helping people optimize their business gives me the greatest job satisfaction because it is so much fun to see an organization go from having some pain points that they are dealing with, to eliminating those pain points and optimizing their operations. That is the primary reason I am a consultant for Lean Six Sigma is because I simply love helping other people.

Jeff Gray: I love practicing Lean Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma has been around for many, many years and it helps organizations and people become more innovative, grow their careers, think outside of the box. I love going in and working with organizations that cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. When we come in there and we help them identify areas of opportunity and empower them to make positive changes, focusing on their internal customers, their external customers, I just love to see that evolving change within organizations and I love being part of that. I have worked in many different organizations from mom-and-pop processes to multinational global companies and to go in there and help anybody with any kind of a problem, figure it out and identifying the root cause, helping them move to the next level and sustain that for the long term. Doing that for people is one of the great things that I get from practicing Lean Six Sigma


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