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    Project Prioritization Matrix

    The Prioritization Matrix is a Lean Tool that helps organizations align potential projects to Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s / Strategic Business Objectives) while assessing the feasibility to successfully realize benefits within a dedicated timeline.

    Project Launch Plan Template

    Our template will help you draft a business case, project metrics, targets and improvement project goals that align with your organizational strategic KPI’s. Use our Lean Revisions Project Launch Plan to set the foundation and vision for a successful Lean project execution.

    Swim Lane Process Map Template

    A Swim Lane Process Map is a specialized form of a flowchart that is designed to make complex processes easier to understand by visually organizing tasks, activities, responsibilities and business challenges.

    A3 Project Report Out Template

    A3 Problem Solving is a structured problem-solving and continuous-improvement approach, first employed at Toyota and typically used by Lean practitioners. It provides a simple and strict procedure that guides problem solving by improvement team members.

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